Greene, Dr. Harold H.

Title of Research Project:

Eye Movement and Electrophysiology Measures of Visual Information Processing

Research Description:

Towards our long-term goal of improving how humans utilize visual information, our objective in the present project is to determine eye-movement and electrophysiological correlates of visual information processing. While eye movement variables give us access to moment-to-moment processing of the visual field, electrophysiology gives us even finer temporal resolution, and a general idea of where processing is occurring in the brain. In this multi-experiment project, volunteers may be fitted with a video-based head-mounted eye-tracker, electrooculography (EOG) electrodes, or an electroencephalography (EEG) cap, as they view information presented on a computer monitor. Responses will be made by pressing a response button.

If there is important prerequisite knowledge/skills required for students, please describe below:

Introductory Psychology, or Introductory Biology