Rouen, Dr. Patricia

Research Project: Vasomotor Symptom Severity: Impact on the Metabolic Profile
Prerequisite: An interest in women's health
Description: Emerging evidence suggests that hot flash symptom severity during the menopause may be a surrogate marker for cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in women. A link between the clinical values that characterize the body’s metabolic state (glucose, insulin, lipid levels) with hot flash symptom severity has been proposed as the underlying mechanism. To date, only two studies have evaluated this association with conflicting findings. This project examined the relationship between hot flash symptom severity with measures of glucose, insulin and lipids among women in the menopause transition. Data collection included a survey, symptom diary, and laboratory data. I have data from 27 women and the project is ongoing. The student would have opportunity to assist with the project, code survey data, build a database, conduct data analysis, draw conclusions and assist with dissemination of data via presentation and journal article development
Number of Placements Available: 1
Terms Available: Summer 2017, Fall 2017
Institution: University of Detroit Mercy

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