Dr. Jahzara D. E. Mayes

Dr. Mayes, Assistant Director, Institutional Development Core & Grant / Program Manager, has been with the ReBUILDetroit initiative since 2016. The goal of the Institutional Development Core is to push for systemic institutional change to support the educational endeavors of underrepresented students pursuing careers in bio-medical research. This objective is achieved through offering professional development in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion; pedagogy, and faculty development. Additionally, Dr. Mayes coordinates several learning communities with the aim of infusing institutional culture with sustainable curricular and pedagogical strategies to enhance the teaching and learning of a multicultural student body. She also hosts STEM related community outreach events.


Pictured L to R: Dr. Jahzara Mayes Otoo, Institutional Development Core Coordinator, ReBUILDetroit, Dean Katherine Snyder, ReBUILDetroit Co-PI, Dean of Engineering and Science Detroit Mercy, Dr. Pamela Zarkowski, Provost, Detroit Mercy