Faculty Travel Award Process & Application

Complete:  Travel Award Application

Effective February 24, 2017
Approved by the REBUILDetroit Steering Committee on February 24, 2017


The aim of the REBUILDetroit travel award is to assist faculty with costs associated with professional development and presentations directly related to the intended outcomes of the REBUILDetroit grant.


  1. Presentation and Publication Committee approval (P&P) must be obtained before applying for a travel award.
  2. Apply for REBUILDetroit travel award

Submit completed travel award application form by the deadline. See application for award dollar limits.  Submission deadline is the 1st of each month at least three months before anticipated travel. See chart below for application deadline dates.

Month Event Begins Application Deadline
July, August, September April 1
October, November, December July 1
January, February, March October 1
April, May, June January 1

 Additional documentation that must be submitted with your application:  

  • Description/abstract of the project related to the travel request
    • If you will be giving a presentation of research or scholarly/creative work or are a non-presenting author on a presentation, you must submit the presentation title, abstract, and list of authors (or similar documentation you submitted to event organizers).
    • If you will be giving a presentation (or are a non-presenting author) or are taking part in any other form of active engagement in the event (e.g., conducting a workshop; participating in a case competition; serving as a panelist, commentator, or discussant) and if your participation must be approved or selected by the event coordinators, you must submit a copy of acceptance/selection notification with your travel grant application.
    • If you will not be doing any of the above activities, proof of event registration (ex: conference/meeting registration confirmation, etc.) is required.
  1. Quarterly application review
  • After each application deadline, applications will be reviewed by the Travel Award Committee which consist of Dr. Jeanne Andreoli, University of Detroit Mercy, Dr. Andrew Feig, Wayne State University, and Jacob Kagey, University of Detroit Mercy.
  • Applications are reviewed on a first in first out basis. Once the pool of available funds for a given fiscal year is awarded, no more applications will be processed. Applicants applying after the pool of fiscal year funds are depleted will be notified that the review period for the month is closed.
  1. Notification of award recipients
  • Travel award recipients will be notified of their award amount via email by the last day of the month in which the applications are reviewed (April 30, July 31, October 31 & March 31). Notification will also be sent to Dominque Gambino, Program Manager, REBUILDetroit.
  • Funds are limited, so it is likely that some requests will not be funded. Applicants not awarded funds will be notified via email.
  1. Submit reimbursement materials
  • Submit your conference registration, original receipts and the travel award reimbursement expense report to your home institution no later than 30 days after travel.
  1. Receive reimbursement funds
  • After submission of your travel award reimbursement form, allow 5-6 weeks to receive the reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement checks will be distributed by your home institution.
  • If the travel award recipient is not able to pay for his travel upfront, check with your department to see if they are willing to cover your travel expenses up to the amount of awarded funds prior to the travel and get reimbursed directly by REBUILDetroit after the travel. Please contact your department to see if this option is available.