Pilot Project (Request for Applications)

Letters of Intent (LOI) by September 25, 2020

Pilot Grant Submission deadline January 4, 2021, 5 pm

The goals of creating the Pilot Project mechanism through the ReBUILDetroit grant are to stimulate development for participating faculty and students of future opportunities for funding through federal agencies, to provide opportunities for faculty and students to gain experience in writing an NIH application, to go through a rigorous proposal review process, to gain experience designing a fundable research question, and to allow faculty to gather preliminary data for future research projects. Any biomedical research that could potentially be funded by NIH is relevant for this mechanism—basic science, translational medicine, clinical medicine, social science research, population health, and other related fields are of interest.

Pilot projects are an ideal environment through which to engage underrepresented students in research careers by embedding them in research communities in order to foster and extend their understanding of and interest in research. Becoming part of a research project in which they ideally will answer their own research questions will also provide a clearer pathway to graduate-level research programs.

Course Development Awards will focus on helping faculty take the course-based research experience model of the Research Coordination Network (RCN) laboratories and extend it to other elements of the curriculum. The project provides release time to ensure that the faculty member has the ability to think through the research-based curriculum effectively, develop interesting projects around which the course will focus, and to test any aspects that need to piloted in advance of the course.

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Workshop on creating a BioSketch in NIH format, Dr. Ambika Mathur, January 10, 2017