ReBUILDetroit article featured

A recent article about the ReBUILDetroit experience is featured on the BMC Proceedings homepage.

The publication, “A research-based inter-institutional collaboration to diversity the biomedical workforce: ReBUILDetroit,” by co-authors Jeanne Andreoli, Andrew Feig, Steven Chang, Sally Welch, Ambika Mathur and Gary Kuleck appears in the BMC Proceedings, 2017, 11 (Suppl 12):23.

“We are extremely excited about this inaugural publication on the ReBUILDetroit initiative that is featured on the BMC Proceedings homepage,” said Dr. Jeanne Andreoli, core lead for the institutional development of ReBUILDetroit.  “Our cross-institutional collaboration and leveraging of resources in a difficult economic environment, drawing students from high schools and community colleges with a myriad of strengths and challenges, serves as a model for higher education institutions in large, urban centers who are seeking to diversify the biomedical workforce.”

The full-text article can be found at: