ReBUILDetroit Data Policies and Procedures

The Links below provide flow charts developed to walk participants through the ReBUILDetroit Policies and Procedures for A) Data Requests and B). Presentations and Publications. You should begin consulting these flow charts and the accompanying documentation as soon as you have a hypothesis.

ReBUILDetroit DATA REQUEST Policies and Procedures

ReBUILDetroit data can be accessed and analyzed for internal use or for presentions,

publications, or grant proposals. There are four different pathways for requesting data and/or


  1. Access to ReBUILDetroit Survey Data Results (data that has already been analyzed and anonymized by SPEC Associates)

2. Data analysis of ReBUILDetroit or Coordination and Evaluation Center (CEC) data by SPEC Associates or University staff

3. Access to a set or subset of deidentified ReBUILDetroit data (raw data sets) to analyze on your own

4. Access to a subset of National BUILD Consortium data