ReBUILDetroit Presentations and Publications Policies and Procedures

Public dissemination of BUILD outcomes (local and national) and ReBUILDetroit-supported

research in the forms of presentations and publications is encouraged. Data can also be reported in

grant proposals. These flow charts are meant to help guide authors through the ReBUILDetroit

policies and procedures for presentations, publications, and grant proposals.

  1. Proposing a presentation (or abstract submission for a presentation) using ReBUILDetroit data or data results

2. Proposing to write a manuscript using ReBUiLDetroit data or data results

3. Preparing to write a grant proposal using ReBUILDetroit data or data results

4. Planning to write a manuscript or give a presentation using ONLY national consortium wide CEC data. (No local ReBUILDetroit results.)

5. Data originated from your independent scholarly work on non-BUILD-related hypothesis (with ReBUILDetroit Scholars as co-authors or using BUILD funds or instrumentation purchased by ReBUILDetroit)