Scholars share their summer experiences

Unbelievable grateful for this opportunity

Brianna Gross, Marygrove ReBUILDetroit scholar majoring in Health Science, is grateful for all that the Summer Enrichment Program has given her.

“I was attracted to the program because I could do research and get paid for it,” said Gross.  “I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the program and the many connections I’ve made with my cohort.”

Over the course of the seven-week summer program, she understood the value of this opportunity.

“I am so unbelievably grateful for this opportunity that was given to me and I know that I will continue to gain all the knowledge that this program allows me to get.”



Experiences made me a better person

Kamali Clora, Wayne State University ReBUILDetroit scholar, intents to take all of his summer experiences and utilize them during his academic career.

In sharing his memorable journey of the Summer Enrichment Program, Clora immediately bonded with his roommates, loved his classes and developed his note taking ability.

“Our instructors taught us to think like scientists,” said Clora.  “These experiences have made me a better student and person.  I plan to take what I learned from this program and intend to implement them into my research opportunities and future course work.”



I feel like a scientist

Ivan Barraza-Duran, University of Detroit Mercy Biochemistry pre-medical ReBUILDetroit scholar, is excited to begin the next chapter of his life by gaining knowledge, experience and friendship.

Barraza-Duran was intending to go to another university until he learned about the ReBUILDetroit program.

“I was drawn by the opportunity to conduct research while studying for school,” said Barraza-Duran.  “I didn’t know what research was initially.  I began to recognize a change in my own thought process.  I never really considered myself a scientist but I sure began to feel like one. I had a constant stream of questions flowing through my head.”

He credits the summer program with getting to know his fellow cohort.

“I got to know everyone,” he said.  “We had our differences but we are all the same.  All are a striving group of underrepresented students who have ambitions.”

“It is an honor to be part of a life changing program like this one.”

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