Rouen, Dr. Patricia

Research Project: Probiotic Use and Glucose Control in Persons with Diabetes
Prerequisite: An interest in diabetes and the pathophysiology of the GI tract
Description: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM), the 7th leading cause of death in the US, is a chronic condition that requires interventions to control blood glucose levels and reduce complications. The key to DM care is maintaining glucose control, measured with the hemoglobin A1c value. This new project is related to DM management and is driven by new evidence suggesting the use of probiotics improves glucose control in diabetic persons. A literature review is underway to examine the microbial role of the intestinal tract to reduce inflammation and improve metabolic health and diabetes. Literature findings to date are preliminary and differ by product use (natural, prescribed, and those products sold in grocery stores) and patient characteristics. We expect to design an evidence based intervention and implement this at a local practice setting the serves persons with diabetes.