McClelland, Dr. Molly

Research Project: Health Impact of Vape Use
Prerequisite: None. Students will be taught the research skills needed.
Description: This longitudinal study will explore the effects of vaping. People who vape, (age 18 and older) will be given surveys at 3 month intervals to determine the health impacts of vaping and will be compared to people of the same age group who do not engage in vaping. Students working on this project will learn how to: develop a valid questionnaire, submit an IRB, determine sample size, obtain participants, analyze results and disseminate the information via a publication / presentation.

Wyatt, Dr. Theresa R.

Research Project: Preparedness of Nurse Faculty to Teach Domestic Violence Content to pre-licensure baccalaureate nursing students
Prerequisite: Interest in DV and willingness to learn interview skill and instrument development.
Description: This study will be a mixed methods study of a national sample of nurse educators (NE) that will start with qualitative interviews that will be used to develop a quantitative web based survey to understand: the perceived beliefs and attitudes of NE regarding their experiences screening patients for DV; how these perceived beliefs and attitudes have been influenced by pre-licensure education, continuing education, and work-place expectations; and how these perceived beliefs have influenced their pedagogy in pre-licensure education in the classroom or clinical setting. The long term goal of this study to increase and improve screening behaviors of registered nurses by improving their educational experience regarding DV and screening