Bibliography for Dr. Rowell’s Presentation

Importance of Teacher Empathy in Student Success
Presented by Katherine R. Rowell, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
Founding Director Center for Teaching and Learning
Sinclair Community College (2008-2015)
Dayton, Ohio

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  12. Creating Inclusive College Classrooms
  13. The Empathic Civilization. TED
  14. Valuable Intellectual Traits
  15. Compassion Education
  16. Creating Positive Emotional Contexts for Enhancing Teaching and Learning
  17. What can be done to reduce stereotype threat?
  18. All the difference
  19. Six paths to more authentic teaching
  20. The Empty Desk: Caring Strategies to Talk to Students About Their Attendance
  21. Redos and Retakes Done Right
  22. 12 steps to creating a successful redo and retake policy
  23. com
  24. Creating a foundation for a warm classroom environment
  25. Life in college matters for life after college
  26. The college student mental health crisis
  27. Rising stress levels alarm health educators
  28. Future ready student voices (YouTube)
  29. Stereotype threat (YouTube)