Friedrich, Dr. Klaus (Lab 2)

Title of Research Project:

Synthesis and testing of platinum drugs for cancer treatment

Research Description:

In this project, new platinum compounds are being synthesized and tested in cell-based assays that allow for observation of DNA crosslinking in cells, the isolation and characterization of the adducts and the optimization of physiological and pharmacological parameters governing cell uptake, adduct formation and apoptosis. The platinum compounds are obtained synthetically from proteinogenic and non-proteinogenic amino acids that are modified to bind the metal, facilitate cellular uptake and to allow for tracking of the drugs in the cells.

This is a joint, NIH-funded project with Wayne State University where the testing of new compounds is done. The project is carried out by a team of undergraduate and graduate students who collaborate on drug design and testing.

If working with another faculty member, please include their name below:

Christine Chow (Wayne State University)