Greene, Dr. Harold H.

Research Description:

Visual processing allows us to evaluate and interact with the world from afar. Our long-term goal is to improve the operation of the visual information processing system. Our objective in the present project is to determine eye-movement and electrophysiological correlates of visual attention. The objective is based on established findings that moment-to-moment attention is reliably indexed by eye movement variables, and signaled by neural activities. While eye movement variables give us access to moment-to-moment processing of the visual field, electrophysiology gives us even finer temporal resolution, and a general idea of the locations of related brain operations. Depending on the concern of the experiment, Observers will wear a head-mounted eye-tracker or an EEG cap that monitors neural activity as they view information presented on a computer monitor. Eye movement indices and event-related potentials will be analyzed to gain insight on visual attention mechanisms.

If there is important prerequisite knowledge/skills required:

Introductory Psychology. (Biology desirable)