Wodwaski, Nadine

Title of Research Project:

Use of Simulation in Teaching Clinical Lactation Skills

Research Description:

Traditionally breastfeeding is taught through straightforward didactic methods such as on-line or classroom lecture. Nursing students are challenged to participate in the care of a breastfeeding mother. Unfortunately, the breadth and depth of clinical experience is directly related to the clinical setting and availability of clients. One avenue to improve learning is providing a simulation experience which creates transformational learning experiences and allows “learning in context” by providing contextualized learning. Thus, combining didactic knowledge with clinical skills practice. Strategies include pre-simulation work, identification of objectives & expected outcomes, and implementation of simulation experiences including debriefing. Use of low fidelity and high-fidelity simulation models will be utilized and discussion will center on the advantages and disadvantages of each. I also am working on emotional intelligence and nursing students growth in the baccalaureate program.

If there is important prerequisite knowledge/skills required for students, please describe below:

knowledge of how to complete a lit review